2014. FEB 哈爾濱工業大學來台灣工作坊 講題:住宅設計之前的觀察
Harbin Insitute of Technology workshop, Lecture: The Observation before design
2013. Sep 事務所成員參加「日本瀨戶內海大地藝術季與建築之旅」
Emerge architect embers attend the '' Art Setouchi '' and architecture trip, Japan''
2013.Sep 受邀至蘭陽技術學院「綠生活節能永續推廣講座」,講題:In Between
Lan Yang Insitute of Technology Lecture: In Between
2013. Mar 受邀至銘傳大學建築系演講,講題: In Progress__上滕五年
Ming Chuan University Lecture: In Progress_ the five year of Emerge architect
2013. Feb 受邀至台北科技大學建築系演講,講題: 住宅-打開在地生活的想像
National Taipei University of Technology Lecture: House_ open your imagination
2012. Aug 事務所成員參加「日本越後妻有藝術建築之旅」
Emerge architect embers attend the '' Echigo Tsumari Art Field'' and architecture trip, Japan''
2012. Aug 「宜蘭厝烏石港計畫」競圖成果展於宜蘭烏石港遊客中心
Our project of Yi-lan Houses has been exhibited at Yi-Lan tourist center.
2012. Jul 榮獲「宜蘭厝烏石港計畫」單棟組 競圖前三名優勝
We has been awarded Top Three in the Wu-shih Harbor Plan Competition for Yi-lan Houses
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